With a celebration of 100th anniversary of the Japan Endocrine Society close at hand (2026), from the August issue of 2022, we have started a new project entitled “MESSAGES TOWARD JES 100TH ANNIVERSARY.”

Successive presidents, honorary members, society awardees of JES, and other contributors retrospect their own research and clinical experiences, and give a special remark on future and expectation for JES / EJ.

Vol. 71 Issue 5 Toshihiko Yanase
Reflections and expectations of an endocrinologist and diabetologist on the launch of a new, board-certified Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism specialist system pioneered by the JES and the JDS

Vol. 71 Issue 4 Mitsuyasu Itoh
The soliloquy of a clinical endocrinologist who spent half a century as an academic member

Vol. 71 Issue 3 Kyohei Nonaka
Glucagon—A hormone that acts during starvation

Vol. 71 Issue 2 Kozo Hashimoto 
My career in endocrinology and outstanding neuroendocrinologists we collaborated

Vol. 71 Issue 1 Robert Yoshiyuki Osamura 
My Pituitary Research as Pathology and Endocrinology

Vol. 70 Issue 12 Toshihiro Suda 
Reminiscences of my life as an endocrine researcher

Vol. 70 Issue 11 Toshio Ogihara 
Endocrinology and my research life

Vol. 70 Issue 10 Michio Takahashi 
Endocrinologia Japonica gave birth to Endocrine Journal

Vol. 70 Issue 9 Masatomo Mori 
Discover inspiring stories from the 100-year history of the Japan Endocrine Society; progress toward future successes

Vol. 70 Issue 8 Toshio Matsumoto 
Celebrating 100th Anniversary of the Japan Endocrine Society

Vol. 70 Issue 7 Mitsuhide Naruse 
My 50 years in adrenal endocrinology coincident with 100 years of the Japan Endocrine Society

Vol. 70 Issue 6 Yuji Matsuzawa 
The 100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Japan Endocrine Society—The Proposal of Adipoendocrinology

Vol. 70 Issue 5 Ryoichi Takayanagi 
Treasure every encounter with endocrinology and metabolism research

Vol. 70 Issue 4 San-e Ishikawa 
Water metabolism and vasopressin

Vol. 70 Issue 3 Hiroshi Itoh 
“Endocrine Supremacism” of new version in the Anthropocene

Vol. 70 Issue 2 Shunichi Yamashita 
Always embracing new challenges in my life from Nagasaki onward

Vol. 70 Issue 1 Shozo Yamada 
Messages from a pituitary surgeon

Vol. 69 Issue 12 Takashi Akamizu 
Toward celebrating the centenary of the JES

Vol. 69 Issue 11 Yutaka Oiso 
Vasopressin, my best friend for life & Dr. Gary L. Robertson, the founder of the vasopressin world

Vol. 69 Issue 10 Hiroo Imura 
Endocrinology in the era of Anthropocene

Vol. 69 Issue 9 Hajime Nawata 
Celebration of 100th anniversary of the Japan Endocrine Society

Vol. 69 Issue 8 Hiroshi Arima 
The 100th anniversary is coming: a message from the president