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Endocrine Journal, which is peer-reviewed and open access without embargo period, is the official English-language journal issued monthly by the Japan Endocrine Society. The journal publishes Original Articles, Notes, Case Reports with Review of Literature, Reviews, and Letters to the Editor. Journal articles are archived at J-STAGE, which is developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

  • History
  • Open Access License Policy
  • Review Process
  • Publication Fee
  • Revenue Sources
  • Impact Factor
  • Summary of Submission
  • History

    Our official Japanese journal “Naibunpigaku Zasshi” was first issued in 1925 and renamed as “Nihon Naibunpigaku-kai Zasshi” in 1927. In 1954 the first issue of English official journal “Endocrinologia Japonica” was published continuing to Volume 39 in 1992 and then renamed as the present “Endocrine Journal” from Volume 40 in 1993.

    Open Access License Policy

    Endocrine Journal is fully Open Access under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND) 4.0 International License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/). It allows users to download, reuse, reprint, copy, and distribute articles in their original forms published in EJ for non-profit purposes and personal use with the proper credit of original authors and sources. All articles and their contents published in EJ may not be used for profit or commercial use without prior written permission from the Japan Endocrine Society.

    The copyright for articles that appear in Endocrine Journal is held by the Japan Endocrine Society.

    Review Process

    The peer review process of the Endocrine Journal is dependent on the professionalism of its volunteer reviewers. The names of the reviewers will remain anonymous to the authors, as EJ operates a single-anonymized review (by two reviewers) throughout the review process.

    Publication Fee

    Authors need to pay a page charge (7,000 JPY for each page) before advance publication by bank transfer or PayPal. The Office will send Invoice after completion of proofreading for advance publication. The manuscript will be released as advance publication after the Office confirms payment.

    The Editorial Office will arrange for English-language proofreading for a charge upon the Editor’s/Editor-in-Chief’s request.

    After publication, corrections can only be made in the form of an Erratum at the author’s expense (7,000 JPY for each page).

    Revenue Sources

    Endocrine Journal receives revenue from the following sources to cover the costs of journal production, web hosting, editing and online publication.
    – Annual budget from the Japan Endocrine Society
    – Article processing charge for accepted manuscripts

    Impact Factor

    impact factor

    Year IF 5 year IF
    2022 2.0 2.300
    2021 2.860 2.665
    2020 2.349 2.404
    2019 1.952 1.921
    2018 1.94 1.907
    2017 1.911 2.025
    2016 1.837 2.022
    2015 1.895 2.040
    2014 1.997 2.192
    2013 2.019 2.142
    2012 2.228 2.096
    2011 2.027 1.847
    2010 1.952 1.756
    2009 1.8 1.659
    2008 1.6 1.603
    2007 1.572 1.419
    2006 1.14  
    2005 1.037  
    2004 0.848  

    Summary of Submission

    Number of Submission

    Type of Manuscripts Submitted (2023)

    Category of Manuscripts Submitted (2023)


    Editor-in-Chief: Hiroaki Masuzaki M.D., Ph.D.